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Updated: Mar 31, 2020


Today, we have come to make a very difficult decision. It does not come easy and the struggle is real. In our decisions and operations, the safety of our students, family, and staff is always our greatest concern. Our country is currently being faced with a new illness, the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Ottawa Christian Academy is monitoring the situation and we have consulted with the LaSalle County Health Dept., other medical and educational professionals and our staff. While there have been no confirmed cases in LaSalle County, or our school, we believe it is in the best interest to close the school for one week after our Spring Break.

What does this mean? OCA is closed today, March 13th, and will remain closed for the next two weeks, from March 16 through March 27, 2020. The plan is to return on Monday, March 30 and add an additional week at the end of the school year from May 18-22. In case we face extended closures for any reason, beyond the two week time period, we will establish the necessary protocol and do our best to make provisions for distance learning.

We want to stress that the two-week-long closure is a voluntary action on the part of OCA officials, and not one mandated by any outside authorities. This is a preventative measure on our part to diminish and block the spread of contagion. We believe it’s important to take social distancing measures and, at the same time, realize there is no need to panic or become fearful. Our lives belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.

OCA will continue to keep families and staff updated as we monitor the on-going situation and become more aware of the potential progression. We are a community and we must work together for the safety and well-being of all in our OCA family.

In Chronicles 12:32 it says, Israel had “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do….” And it’s our desire to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matt. 10:16

-Debra Wenger, Principal

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